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25 Days Until Camp Opens

With less than a calendar month to go before baseball begins to smell new again we wanted to spend each day going through some of the best performances in 2016. Using game WPA for 15 starting pitcher and hitter performances we hope to be able to take you on a trip down memory lane each day. 

#30Jake Odorizzi on May 24th vs the Marlins #29 – Evan Longoria on June 14th vs the Mariners

#28 – Jake Odorizzi on May 1st vs the Blue Jays #27 – Steven Souza Jr. on June 4th vs the Twins

#26 – Erasmo Ramirez on April 16th vs the White Sox #25 Corey Dickerson on September 7th vs the Orioles

Moving along to the 13th best game for a hitter in 2016 we arrive at the prodigious power of Corey Dickerson. Mr. Big Swingin’, the king of the extra base hit, proved in this game that leverage is important. Sure, he went 2-4, and drove in a couple, but he makes the list with a little help from his friends. His single in the fifth tied it up, and then his moonshot double confused the hell out of Adam Jones allowing Mikie Mahtook to score the go ahead run. No dingers here for Dickerson, but two key hits kept the team in the game and allowed them to walk away with the win.

In addition to Corey’s couple of big hits you should watch this video for what will likely be Kevin Kiermaier‘s longest home run of his career. What a freaking blast.