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12 Days Until Camp Opens

With less than a calendar month to go before baseball begins to smell new again we wanted to spend each day going through some of the best performances in 2016. Using game WPA for 15 starting pitcher and hitter performances we hope to be able to take you on a trip down memory lane each day. 

#30Jake Odorizzi on May 24th vs the Marlins #29Evan Longoria on June 14th vs the Mariners

#28 – Jake Odorizzi on May 1st vs the Blue Jays #27Steven Souza Jr. on June 4th vs the Twins

#26Erasmo Ramirez on April 16th vs the White Sox #25 Corey Dickerson on September 7th vs the Orioles

#24Chris Archer on July 3rd vs the Tigers #23 Brad Miller on July 15th vs the Orioles

#22Matt Moore on June 29th vs the Red Sox #21 Logan Morrison on May 25 vs the Marlins

#20Blake Snell on September 22nd vs the Yankees  #19Steven Souza Jr. on May 7th vs the Angels

#18Matt Andriese on May 8th vs the Angels #17Corey Dickerson on August 26th vs the Astros

#16Matt Moore on June 12 vs the Astros #15Corey Dickerson on June 14th vs the Mariners

#14Chris Archer on August 17 vs the Padres #13Logan Forsythe on April 30th vs the Blue Jays

#12Matt Andriese on May 14th vs the Athletics:

This is the second time Andriese has appeared in this countdown, and both appearances have come in the top 20. That is not bad for a guy who is a 5th starter or a long man, depending on how you view the depth chart. The righty was a strike-tossing machine in this contest throwing 78 of 109 pitches for strikes while using only 46 fastballs. He had the Oakland lineup guessing all night and induced a lot of soft contact while going the distance and going for a speedy (by American League standards) 2:36 game. His 88 Game Score for this outing was bested only by Drew Smyly’s 89 against Boston on April 19th.

Andriese permitted only three runners to reach base: singles by Danny Valencia and Matt McBride and he hit Billy Burns. Normally, Burns would have been off and running against Andriese given just about everyone ran on him but McBride was clogging second base in front of Burns so the speedster was forced to stay home. Andriese has the leg up on the 5th spot in the rotation as the team heads to camp and hopefully he has worked on a better move to first and coming to the plate quicker than he did in 2016.

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