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2010 Position Reviews: Catcher

By R.J. Anderson //

John Jaso
2010 Stats: .263/.372/.378 (404 PA)
The Good: Broke onto the scene after years battling injuries and defensive incompetence. Showed a brilliant batting eye combined with a patient approach and overall cunningness on the paths usually reserved for non-catchers.
The Bad: Showed little power and defensive lapses (both receiving and throwing) flared with runners on.
Miscellany: Had the best BB/K ratio amongst players with 400 or more plate appearances.

Kelly Shoppach
2010 Stats: .196/.308/.342 (187 PA)
The Good: Hammered lefties like expected (.261/.369/.455) and showed his resemblance to the Mystery Machine when running – including after walks – thus is adorable.
The Bad: Hammered by righties like expected (.114/.232/.200), resulting in constant booing throughout the final game of the ALDS, resulting in one of the least proud moments in Rays’ fandom history.
Miscellany: Plunked in more than 2.5% of his plate appearances for the third consecutive season.

Dioner Navarro
2010 Stats: .194/.270/.258 (142 PA)
The Good: Still has functioning organs.
The Bad: Has done just about everything within his power over the past month (off the field) and everything within his power over the last two years (on the field) to make a non-tender a guarantee.
Miscellany: Managed to hit .284/.387/.390 in 169 plate appearances at Durham.

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