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2010 Position Reviews: First Base and Designated Hitters

By R.J. Anderson //

Carlos Pena
2010 Stats: .196/.325/.407 (582 PA)
The Good: Still managed 28 home runs and decent on-base and slugging percentages despite a horrendous batting average (in general and on balls in play). Continues to excel defensively at receiving the baseball, which overshadows his range and throwing abilities.
The Bad: The low BABIP continues a trend and raises questions over whether Pena should be re-signed, even for cheap.
Miscellany: Led the team in : )% and thunder claps.

Hank Blalock
2010 Stats: .254/.319/.349 (69 PA)
The Good: His stint was brief and provided laughs thanks to a retirement threat.
The Bad: Has (subjectively) horrible taste in music and pitch selection alike. Displayed exactly what he’s incapable of playing multiple positions as well.
Miscellany: Showed the mendacity of minor league stats for older players by hitting .349/.405/.505 in Triple-A through a month.

Brad Hawpe
2010 Stats: .179/.304/.333 (46 PA)
The Good: Brief and poor, might propel him to a cheap return.
The Bad: Well, there wasn’t a ton of good.
Miscellany: His middle name is Bonte, which evidently means Thunder in Greek.

Dan Johnson
2010 Stats: .198/.343/.414 (140 PA)
The Good: Hit timely home runs, walked, and showed some defensive flexibility that ups his value to the Rays.
The Bad: The batting average is poor, but his BABIP seems likely to raise over a large sample size.
Miscellany: Is nicknamed The Great Pumpkin.

Willy Aybar
2010 Stats: .230/.309/.344 (309 PA)
The Good: Hit five home runs in his first 157 plate appearances. Walked 20 times and struck out 29 over his last 152.
The Bad: Hit one home run over his final 152 plate appearances. Walked 10 times and struck out 32 times over his first 157.
Miscellany: Defied the odds and logic by posting far superior numbers as a pinch hitter than as a starter, albeit i-n a small sample size.

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