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2010 Position Reviews: Outfield

By R.J. Anderson //

Carl Crawford
2010 Stats: .307/.356/.495 ( 657 PA)
The Good: Led the team in WAR as a nice going away present. Fielded well, hit well, ran well, and so on.
The Bad: Rays’ career is almost certainly over.
Miscellany: Came close to being the only player in baseball with a 20 home run, 40 stolen base season.

B.J. Upton
2010 Stats: .237/.322/.424 (610 PA)
The Good: Preyed on lefties (.278/.381.538) and flyball pitchers (.816). Ran the bases well and seemingly fielded fine too, although UZR disagrees.
The Bad: Was preyed on by righties (.218/.294/.371).
Miscellany: Led the team in ISO against left-handed pitching.

Matt Joyce
2010 Stats: .241/.360/.477 (261 PA)
The Good: Hammered righties to the tune of .262/.386/.524. Showed a good plate approach and looked fine in the outfield despite elbow concerns.
The Bad: Couldn’t buy a song off left-handers’ iTunes; reached base four times in 28 plate appearances.
Miscellany: 968 OPS on the road, .698 at home.

Gabe Kapler
2010 Stats: .210/.288/.290 (140 PA)
The Good: In the most ridiculous of outcomes, Kapler actually hit righties better than lefties, although he didn’t hit them particularly well either.
The Bad: Tons of infield flies and easy groundouts. The liners he did hit seemed to be of the soft variety and rarely broke the outer crest of the infield.
Miscellany: Easily the Rays player most likely to become a coach in the system.

Desmond Jennings
2010 Stats: .190/.292/.333 ( 24 PA)
The Good: Mostly forgettable debut, although showed bullet-like acceleration and closing speed on numerous fielding and running plays, along with advanced plate approach for a 23-year-old.
The Bad: The results were ugly.
Miscellany: When pinch running for Dan Johnson, probably became the first combination of D.J.s in team history to swap spots. (Barely kidding here.)

Rocco Baldelli
2010 Stats: .208/.240/.375 (25 PA)
The Good: Made another remarkable comeback from what looked like sure retirement.
The Bad: You hate to rag on him because of that, but he didn’t look good in any phase of the game and the durability issues are still very present.
Miscellany: Believe he is the only player to make both playoff teams with fewer than 200 plate appearances combined in both seasons.

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