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2010 Position Reviews: Skill Infield

By R.J. Anderson //

Ben Zobrist
2010 Stats: .238/.346/.353 (655 PA)
The Good: Continued to play strong defense and show patience at the plate. Displayed power surged in playoffs, which may or may not have coincided with a healthy back.
The Bad: Vicious July-August slump robbed Zobrist of a decent line and the new-found power rarely showed itself.
Miscellany: Posted an on-base percentage of .400, .394, and .354 in consecutive months –then .301 and .295 to close the season.

Evan Longoria
2010 Stats: .294/.372/.507 (661 PA)
The Good: Excellent hitter, fielder, and baserunner. Raised his walk rate, lowered his strikeout rate, and maintained a steady rate of extra base hits and home runs.
The Bad: Nothing.
Miscellany: Took the extra base a career high 56% (league average is 47%).

Jason Bartlett
2010 Stats: .254/.324/.350 (532 PA)
The Good: Still hit lefties decently (.273/.355/.370) and had a relatively big month to close the year (.282/.330/.412). Showed cleverness on the paths and in the field as well.
The Bad: No signs of the power breakout being legitimate. Posted an OPS above .700 just one (although came close twice) and clearly was not the best defensive shortstop on the roster.
Miscellany: Did his best work in low leverage situations (.742 OPS) and against flyball pitchers (.821).

Sean Rodriguez
2010 Stats: .251/.308/.397 (378 PA)
The Good: Hit lefties well (.292/.375/.442) while playing good defense at multiple positions. Shows foot work similar to Akinori Iwamura, only with better range and arm to assist. Is the master as fielding bloopers and throwing the lead runner out.
The Bad: Struggled mightily against righties (.229/.270/.372) and at times looked too passive at the plate despite gaudy minor league strikeout totals which suggest he hacked often.
Miscellany: Second half OPS was .666; sign of the Devil Rays.

Reid Brignac
2010 Stats: .256/.307/.385 (326 PA)
The Good: Best defensive shortstop on the roster. Showed some power against righties (all of his home runs came versus righties except one).
The Bad: Two horrendous months and some exposure to lefties killed Brignac’s line, as a .561 OPS in June and .371 OPS in August were the only months he posted an OPS below .700. Plate discipline is all kinds of whack.
Miscellany: As noted by FreeZorilla, hit groundball pitchers (.905 OPS) and neutral pitchers (.812 OPS) fine, but struggled heavily against flyball pitchers in 124 plate appearances (.427 OPS).

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