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2011 Rule 5 Eligible Rays

Last night’s post on Joseph Cruz and Nick Barnese got me to wondering just who else would be Rule 5 eligible this coming offseason. I did a quick survey of those draft classes as well as some international signings to put together an extremely preliminary list. It’s comprised entirely of pitchers since I didn’t both to dig through the system’s hitters. I’ll probably try to do a more comprehensive list later in the season, but keep these names in mind for future transactions.

The Rule 5 is one of baseball’s talent equalizers. It limits the amount of time each organization can horde talented youngsters without placing them on the 40-man roster. For players who sign at age 18 or younger, the organizations have five years before they become Rule 5 eligible. For those who sign at 19 or older, the org only has four years. Here are the names that fit into those parameters:

Matt Moore
Joseph Cruz
Nick Barnese
Alex Colome
Wilking Rodriguez
Braulio Lara
Neil Schenk
Shane Dyer
Marquis Fleming
Josh Satow

That’s a lot of pitching talent. The Rays added five players last season to the 40-man roster for Rule 5 prevention and three the year prior. If the team just decides to protect the worthwhile starting pitching prospects, they’ll have six arms added to the equation. Moore is a no-doubt addition but he might be the only one. There are questions as to whether Colome will wind up in the bullpen (same with Rodriguez and Cruz for that matter) but you have to figure his raw stuff gets a spot. Same with Lara, who seems to be everyone’s sleeper pick within the system.

Anyways, more on this later in the year.

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