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99 Words on Matt Joyce

By R.J. Anderson //

A few days ago, I defended Dan Johnson’s performance so far. With Matt Joyce, no defense is required. Joyce is nearing the 500 plate appearance mark in his career and he’s accumulated 2.5 WAR. A simple proportion followed by some multiplication and division shows that wins total prorated to 600 plate appearances nets a return over three wins. Taking Joyce’s plate appearances this season and prorating them over 600 nets over four wins.

I’ve had Joyce pegged as a three-to-four win player since the Rays acquired him. Nothing he’s done since has rejected that notion.

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  1. nyyfaninlaaland wrote:

    Hey, just stopped in to say hi. Didn’t know you had this going on. Good for you.

    And I’m shocked you’d be standing behind Joyce.

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