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A Belated Note About Jake Odorizzi

One thing I meant to point out about Jake Odorizzi before he was sent down is his lack of pitching inside, particularly against left-handed batters. Since Odorrizi is back in the minors for the time being I’m going to save the long explanation of things and instead take a brief statistical-fueled look at the Rays’ other starters.

Ultimately, pitching inside is important because it keeps batters honest and improves the effectiveness of outside pitches. Which Rays’ starters are throwing inside the most? Here’s a look, compared to the league-average mark for same-handed starting pitchers, as well as the bottom five for each hand:

Pitcher Inside%
RHSP Avg 26.4
Hernandez 36.1
Hellickson 33.8
Cobb 30.2
Colome 26.8
Archer 24.8
Odorizzi 18.5

Bottom five:

Pitcher Inside%
Marquis 18.5
Colon 19
Scherzer 19.3
Jimenez 20.3
Tilman 20.4
Pitcher Inside%
LH Avg 31.5
Moore 37.7
Price 27.9

Bottom five:

Pitcher Inside%
Stults 19
Ryu 22.1
Vargas 24.1
Diamond 24.3
Saunders 25.6

More on this when Odorizzi inevitably returns to the majors.

Stats courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info

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