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A Late April Update on The Jason Bartlett Return

Same song, but a different group of minor leaguers and a different major leaguer (as the title implies, Jason Bartlett).

Brandon Gomes

Never one to resist in providing video game statistics, Gomes has struck out 16 batters in his first 10 1/3 innings in Triple-A. As for walks, Gomes has two. He still has a clean sheet when it comes to home runs. Durham has taken to using Gomes as their closer, which isn’t necessarily indicative of the future plans for him, as the most recent Bulls closers include Winston Abreu, Dale Thayer, Scott Dohmann, and Chad Orvella.

Cole Figueroa

Figueroa forms perhaps the second-most interesting middle infield combination in the system with Tim Beckham (the other being Hak-Ju Lee and Tyler Bortnick). So far, Figueroa (who undoubtedly will get the pet name “Figgy” at some point) is hitting .254/.333/.373 with five extra base hits. More notable? Figueroa has a walk-to-strikeout ratio under 1, yet still has 20 more career walks than Ks.


  1. upnm42 wrote:

    What is the point? Gomes should be dismissed as a closer and we should depend on 27 for 63 Farnsworth?Why are you down on Gomes? AA & AAA stats are O K?He’s destined to the scrap heap because the others fizzled.Why don’t we wait a few games before we release him?

    • R.J. Anderson wrote:

      What? My point was not to pencil him in as a future closer based on his Durham role. You read far, far too much into that comment.

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