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A Little More on Wade Davis

As Tommy noted, Wade Davis is supposedly trading speed for location and movement. Getting the right balance is one of the toughest aspects of pitching. One thing that has become evident with Davis is his willingness to gun it during the key moments.

Rancel’s post featured a graph showing Davis’ average velocity with nobody on, with a runner on, and with a runner in scoring position with the velocity ascending at each turn. That trend carries over to the strike count too, as Davis’ fastball averages 89.7 MPH with no strikes, 90.3 with one, and 91.1 with two strikes. The combination has led to ranging strikeout rate depending on the base-state:

None on: 6.7 percent
Men on: 14.3 percent
RISP: 20 percent

After MLB.com posted Friday’s game, I went back and noted the pitch that each plate appearance ended on. There a few things I’d like to write about this that I’d rather hold off on for now. I’m sure some of the readers smarter than myself will pick up on it.

Span (L): 2-2, 89 MPH FB, middle-inside, GO 3
Tolbert (L): 3-2, 91 MPH FB, middle-out, FO 8
Kubel (L): 2-2 90 MPH FB, outside, GO 5-3

Morneau (L): 1-1, 89 MPH FB, middle-high, FO 8
Young (R): 1-2, 82 MPH SL, low-away, 1B
Thome (L): 0-2 92 MPH FB, middle-away, FO 8 (warning track)
Cuddyer (R): 1-0, 90 MPH FB, up-inside, 1B
Valencia (R): 1-2, 83 MPH SL, low-away, GO 6-3

Butera (R): 2-2, 82 MPH SL, low-inside, K (swinging)
Span (L): 0-2, 88 MPH FB, middle-away, 1B
Tolbert (L): 3-2, 90 MPH FB, middle-away, GO 5-3

Kubel (L): 1-1, 76 MPH CB, middle-away, FO 8
Morneau (L): 1-2, 90 MPH FB, middle-inside, FO 8
Young (R): 2-0, 90 MPH FB, high-away, GO 4-3

Thome (L): 3-2, 92 MPH FB, up-away, BB
Cuddyer (R): 3-1, 91 MPH FB up-in, FO 8
Valencia (R): 1-0, 89 MPH FB, up-in, 2B
Butera (R): 0-0, 91 MPH FB, up-in, FO 8
Span (L): 2-2, 91 MPH FB, up-in, FO 6

Tolbert (L): 0-0, 87 MPH FB, low-away, GO 4-3
Kubel (L): 1-2, 87 MPH FB, low-away, GO 6-3
Morneau (L): 3-1, 90 MPH FB, up-away, BB
Young (R): 2-0, 91 MPH FB, middle-away, FO 9

Thome (L): 1-1, 89 MPH FB, middle-low, FO 9
Cuddyer (R): 0-0, 80 MPH SL, middle-in, FO 9
Valencia (R): 3-1, 89 MPH FB, up-in, FO 7

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