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A Summary of the Pending Carlos Pena Roster Move Options

By R.J. Anderson //

Designating Dan Johnson for assignment

Johnson signed a major league deal with the Rays in the offseason that complicates manners. Since he lacked options the Rays had to send him through waivers and then outright him to sentence him to the minor leagues. What that means, simply, is that to do such again will result in Johnson having the ability to elect for free agency instead of taking the minor league assignment. He can also wait until season’s end to declare free agency, but there’s probably a team out there who could use a left-handed bat with contact and on-base skills.

Optioning Sean Rodriguez/Reid Brignac/Mike Ekstrom to Durham

All have options and are near the end of their respective benches. Having spent the entire year to date in the majors and being within a 20-day window of September 1, Rodriguez can be demoted now and recalled then without using an option, even though he’d have to wait for 10 days after being optioned to return. The same is true for Brignac. Ekstrom, on the other hand, has already burned an option this season, but with Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis returning this week, there’s not much need for him.

Sending Gabe Kapler to the disabled list

Probably the easiest route is simply having Kapler take one of the team and head to the disabled list. A trip of the 15-day variety puts him right against September 1, and since he could always go out on a rehab assignment, he’d be able to come back almost immediately.

Obviously there are other possibilities, but the Rays love to accumulate assets and the roster move is likely to fall under one of the above categories, even if the player himself is different.

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