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About The Rays Reported Interest In Jason Giambi…

As the dust settles from 2010 the winter meetings, Troy Renck reports that former Yankees’ Jason Giambi wants to play in 2011 and he hears the Rays have “expressed” some interest.  The Rays have had interest in Giambi before and met with him during the 2008 winter meetings before settling on Pat Burrell.

While Burrell’s 2009 season was disappointing, so was Giambi’s. He re-signed with his first team, the Oakland A’s, and ended with the Colorado Rockies. Along the way he hit a combined .201/.343/.382. He re-upped with Colorado for the 2010 season – putting up a slash line of .244/.378/.398 in a reserve role. 

At first glance, you’ll notice that Giambi’s power is nowhere close to where it once was. Even with Coors Field as his home ballpark, he amassed just 15 extra-base hits a season ago. His .153 ISO (isolated power) was the lowest since his rookie season way back in 1995. Although the power is gone,  the 39-year-old still gets on-base at an above average clip. In fact, his walk rate of near 16% over the past two seasons is slightly higher than his career rate of 15.5%.

Because of his on-base ability, Giambi will likely be a league average hitter in 2011. On the other hand, a league average hitter would be an upgrade for the Rays at DH.  Even though his cost should be relatively low, the Rays are likely to find a better hitter on the market. Of course, if the market continues to pay out an average of $5 million for a win, then Giambi might be an attractive option in late January.

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