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The Process Report is an electronic publication focused on progressive, informed analysis of the Tampa Bay Rays. The staff can be reached by emailing processreport at gmail.com



Jason Collette – Collette has a 16 year history of providing baseball analysis online for a variety of outlets including ESPN, Rotowire, and Fangraphs. He can often be heard on local radio stations talking about the Rays as well as nationally on SiriusXM radio throughout the year. You can follow him on Twitter @JasonCollette

Jason Hanselman – Hanselman has been a passionate disciple of the the Rays way for over a decade. As an economist he is able to provide highly graphic images in attempts to explain usually rational thoughts. After running Dock of the Rays for the last three years he is excited to join TPR. You can follow him @sandykazmir.

Joe Saunders – Saunders has been a passionate Rays fan since their inception year. He’s a Saint Petersburg native currently attending the University of Central Florida. He has experience working with Major League Baseball Advanced Media and has written for Rays Colored Glasses. You can follow him on twitter @joesaundersUCF.

Carl Gonzalez – Is a 19 year old college student who goes to school online through the Penn State World Campus. He is majoring in Software Engineering and is already engaged to his beautiful fiancée. He has been a Rays fan since 2008 and has aspirations of working in a MLB front office. You can follow him at @CarlGonzalez97

Josh Frank – Josh has been in the graphic and web design indusry since 2007. His work has appeared on Baseball Prospectus, ESPN, FanGraphs, as well as other various baseball sites and blogs throughout the net. An architect by trade, Josh was born and raised in the Tampa Bay area. You can follow him on Twitter @JoshAFrank.

R.J. Anderson (emeritus) – In the past, Anderson’s work has appeared on ESPN, SLAM, and Wired, as well as in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. His nightmares include an endless loop of Hank Blalock playing third base. You can follow him on Twitter @R_J_Anderson

Tommy Rancel (emeritus)- Rancel has been writing about the Tampa Bay Rays since 2007. He has also written for FanGraphs, ESPN, and Bloomberg Sports. He currently contributes to ESPN’s Sweetspot Network. You can follow him on Twitter @TRancel.