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Aggressive Rasmus

Brian Anderson was discussing the pre-game approach of Colby Rasmus on the broadcast this past Tuesday night:

You know, the Rays have turned him loose. His take percentage is significantly down, so he is way more aggressive in swinging the stick and using the bat. His swing and miss percentage is way up so they have told him, “with your ability to get the ball airborne, you go out there and turn it loose!”

Just as Anderson got that sentence out, Rasmus attempted to steal a bunt single for a hit against the shift. Epic timing, B.A. That said, never bunt; hit dingers!

That said, Anderson’s commentary was spot on. Rasmus’ swing and miss rate is up nearly 40% over last year and at a career-worst 20.6%


What is clear is that we should not expect things to change any time soon. The team appears to be quite comfortable with his aggressiveness at the plate in spite of the increase in empty swings because he is not cutting back on his overall swing rate.

The aggressive approach has a rather direct purpose: hitting the ball hard. Rasmus will surprise the defense with the occasional attempt to bunt against the shift, but he is up there attempting to hit the ball as far as he can. He and hitting coach Chad Mottola clicked with one another in Toronto back in 2013, which was Rasmus’ best full season to date for hitting with power. His performance to date is a career-best for slugging percentage:

By weighted on base average, Rasmus is back to his 2013 level of production where he and “Motor” had last left off. ┬áThis Peaches and Herb relationship Rasmus and Mottola appears to be a perfect fit for the slugger and the club that took a $5M gamble on a guy coming off multiple injuries.




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