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Alex Colome Set to Make Debut Versus Marlins

Alex Colome will start tonight for the Rays, with Matt Moore sliding to Friday night. Here’s what to expect from Colome.

Colome streamlined his mechanics this season, as Adam Sobsey noted. Part of the change is altering where he begins the delivery. In this case Colome blends the line between the windup and the set positions. Colome’s set-up and trigger might remind you of a more elaborate version of those used by the O’s Chris Tillman: He starts his delivery by stepping backward with his front foot, bringing it across his body into a leg kick, then planting it into the earth to complete the act. All the while Colome’s hands move from his belt-line to his nose-line back to belt-line then to his chin-line before breaking around his gut. There’s a lot going on. Unsurprisingly, Colome struggles with location, particularly within the zone. His release point varies, and he’s going to miss high and to the arm-side quite a bit as his body compensates for long arm action.

On the bright side, Colome’s stuff is quality. He throws four pitches now: A lively fastball capable of touching into the upper-90s, a high-70s breaking ball that flashes plus, a mid-to-high-80s cutter, and a mid-80s changeup, which he’s thrown more this season at Joel Peralta’s urging. There are reasons why many people believe Colome’s future is in the bullpen in a high-leverage role, they center around the disparity between the qualities of his stuff and command.

The good news is the matchup. Colome will face the worst offense in the league in a pitcher-friendly ballpark. You can never predict what a game might hold, but it’s easy to envision Colome pitching up in the zone, making mistakes over the plate, working an inefficient five innings, yet exiting with a tidy ERA and a chance to earn his first big-league win.

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