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Alex Colome’s Command, Body Language Questioned

Labeling Alex Colome the biggest wild card in a rotation that also features Alex Torres and Mike Montgomery feels wrong. However, the Dominican-born right-hander will need to provide answers to questions about his future role in the majors over the next season or so. Chris Mellen, of Baseball Prospectus, took in Colome’s start in early May and offered a few noteworthy criticisms:

The arm is live and there is a foundation of secondary stuff, but the command profile makes it difficult to see the pitcher as a starter long term.


I did not like the body language and the vibe the pitcher gave off after a tough first inning. It felt like he had resided himself to a tough night. An area to follow up on in subsequent looks since Colome won’t be successful in high-leverage situations with that kind of mentality.

Though it does not change the merits of the criticism, it’s perhaps worth noting the start Mellen saw was Colome’s worst of the season, according to Game Score. Of course Colome’s command profile is a long-running blemish on his projection. The Rays have simplified his delivery this season, yet it’s too early to say whether those changes will have the intended positive effects.


  1. A live arm can’t be taught, maturity takes time and development. It’s the minor league for a reason, time to improve on the week points of your game be it location another pitch or maturity. It’s up to the coaching staff to develop these prospects into pitchers and men who can get to the bigs, like Matt Moore, Cobb and Price along with others. Some grow into MLB pitchers and some don’t, it’s important what they do not only between lines but what goes on between their ears. The mental aspect is more important than a live arm, there are a lot of live arms that never get past AAA because of whats between their ears. The Rays do a good job of growing men and pitchers, I think that it will happen for Colome, looking forward to see him in the show.

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