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Alex Torres Providing Relief

For the second time in two weeks Alex Torres was asked to rescue a fatigued Rays’ bullpen and keep the opposition down until the offense could make a comeback. Unfortunately, Tampa Bay could not rally against the Indians, however, it was not the fault of Torres.

Though fellow Durham Bull, Chris Archer made the start against Cleveland, Torres matched him in innings pitched (four) on Saturday. Archer needed 94 pitches to complete four frames. Torres achieved 12 outs on just 52 pitches.

Against the Orioles, Torres went against conventional wisdom and threw more changeups than fastballls. The result was four no-hit innings with three strikeouts and two walks. Torres went with a more traditional approach against the Indians. He threw almost three fastballs for every off-speed pitch with just a sprinkling of breaking balls. The result was nearly the same: four shutout innings. He allowed one hit while striking out six and walking none.

Torres worked his fastball horizontally, throwing it on both sides of the plate. Meanwhile, he had little vertical variety on the heater with most of his pitches located in the northern half of the zone. His averaged 93 mph and maxed out near 95. Despite the questionable location, he was successful with fastball. He registered 10 outs with the pitch including four strikeouts.

Perhaps a reason for the fastball success was the effectiveness of his changeup. Though it was thrown just 14 times, Torres was able to induce six whiffs on 12 swings against the off-speed pitch. Unlike the fastball, the left-hander buried the changeup low in the strike zone and in a concentrated area to his glove-side. He showed customary usage, tossing the pitch against right-handers more than fellow lefties.

For now the plan appears for Archer to remain in the rotation with Torres in the bullpen. Though Torres may return to Durham to start, his ultimate role may be as a big-league reliever; one that he is proving more and more capable of with each appearance.

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    No chance that Torres gets a chance to start this week instead of Archer?

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