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All Things Longoria

A few days ago, Ben Lindbergh posted a phenomenal expose on Evan Longoria’s disappearing power. In it, he quoted’s swing analyst, Ryan Parker. Earlier tonight on Twitter, Parker added a few more thoughts.

Using the heatmap technology from TruMedia, we can visualize Longoria’ struggles with driving fastballs as the problem has developed in recent years.


Parker went on to post this animation to explain that Longoria’s bat speed used to be a convergence of his upper and lower half, but these days the swing is very arm driven making it tough for him to get to fastballs. In the past, Longoria had a well-known nitro-zone of fastballs on the inner half of the plate. Anything middle-in was going to get hit hard somewhere to his pull side. In recent years, that has not been happening. The data looks as such: The Trumedia heatmap timeline echoes what the numbers show: output_pGQojc

Parker closed his thoughts with this final tweet

Last season, both Tommy and I looked into issues Longoria was having and he fixed them last season, even if it came at the expense of giving up production on pitches away. If the Rays have any shot staying in the playoff hunt in 2015, he’s going to have to do it again as his power has been noticeably absent as the team continues to struggle scoring runs.

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