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The Andrew Friedman Rumor

This tweet from Richard Justice is going to rile some feathers:

Andrew Friedman has left some of his friends with the clear impression that he would love to be the next GM of the Astros.

I have no idea how legitimate Friedman’s interest in Houston is, and right now it doesn’t matter. All I would say is that, as long as Friedman does not take the entire front office with him, then I think the Rays can survive without because of the talented folks around him. And that’s the beauty, as good as Friedman is—and he is very, very good, possibly the best in the game right now—he has helped assemble a front office that can do a good job of replacing anyone, on and off the field.

If Friedman does end up in Houston, it would be difficult to harvest any bad feelings his way. The guy has given as much as anyone to the organization, and by now he should be able to follow his own interests without being vilified. Plus, you have to admit, it would be a little funny if the only way the Astros can finally replace Gerry Hunsicker is by bringing in the fellow he helped mentor.

The takeaway here, at least at this point, is not to worry too much about it. General managers don’t tend to jump front office to front office without being fired first. Even Billy Beane decided to stay with Oakland at the end of the day. Plus, it wouldn’t be the first time a Texas-based report on a Rays exec turned out to be smoke.

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