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Andrew Friedman on Wil Myers, David Price, and More

Earlier today Andrew Friedman was interviewed by ESPN’s Buster Olney on the Baseball Today podcast (jump to 24 minute mark). Friedman and Olney addressed several topics on the show and here are a few quotes from that interview.

On the draft system and how it treats small market teams compared to the NFL:

“If you just step back and look at the draft system the way it is, it is antiquated….everything in the NFL is done to draw teams to the middle and from that, good decisions separate teams…we are at a disadvantage in every single market. We’re not even on a level playing field with large market teams in really any respect.”

On the system:

“It is tough for people to rise above their own selfish interests….it gets to the overarching question of sustained competitive balance and what are the best ways to help in that way.

On David Price:

If he was a relief pitcher, he would be back even sooner than scheduled…it is just about building him back up to 100 pitches. The ball is really coming out of his hand well right now.

On James Loney:

It is easy to look at things he has not done well. Our guys did a good job of appreciating what he can do well. He has a high floor with some ceiling to it and offers a good balance to our roster.

Where the team is now:

We still have areas where we think we can get better.

On Wil Myers:

He has put himself on the map with his recent play. Scuffled early against right-handed pitching with guys pitching him backwards..decision-making in the batters’ box was not great. If we weren’t competitive, we might bring our young players up earlier but we rely on our young players to come up and help us win games immediately rather than continue development.

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