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Announcing The Process Report 2011

This post is probably a bit overindulgent, but bear with me. Last February, Tommy and I managed to release the second preseason publication we have done together and the third under the DRaysBay brand. We were happy with the results and figured we had tapped out the potential of what we could do with the concept, thus we decided to move on to ground that is more fertile.

Circumstances changed over the months and here we are, announcing a new publication venture; called, aptly, The Process Report 2011 – with the brand-approved Twitter hashtag being #TPR11. This is not a sequel or a continuation of the previous annuals we have had our hands in. The only common ground the two series will share is that both feature the Rays and authors, otherwise it’s all new based on feedback we’ve received over the years.

We’re attempting to bury concerns over readability by going to an approach we’re referring to as the essentials. Ideally, we’ll arrive at a point in the future where wOBA and WAR are common jargon. For now, though, just having most baseball fans agree that on-base percentage is more vital than batting average would be a victory. The emphasis is on getting the vital information across in a way that transcends baseball intelligence and dedication levels while maintaining the core analysis found here and across the contributing sites. A toughie, but nothing impossible.

Continuing the readability factor, we are also employing a professional copy editor and I’m handing the layout reins over to Josh Frank. His work is familiar to everyone viewing the site because he is the same fellow who created the logo and the cover. That means the layout and design will not look like it was laid out in Word for once, which should be a relief to everyone who struggled through my shoddy artistic vision.

The other notable change is the format. There will still be an electronic version (PDF format), but TPR11 will branch out into print and Kindle versions as well. With that comes a cost to the consumer. The price isn’t determined, but we’re well aware that nobody wants to spend much on baseball coverage. We know this could also fail embarrassingly on our end, which is why we’re going to offer excerpts and chapters that don’t make the final cut for free on here until the drop date.

We’re taking a risk that people consider us worthy of a few dollars. We’re also hedging the bet by enhancing our work with experienced editing, crisp design, original material, and flexibility in experience. The goal is to make this more than a preseason publication and more of an experience. Let’s see if we’ve got the right process.


  1. kgengler wrote:

    Very much looking forward to this. Though I feel compelled to point out that “Vettleson” is spelled “Vettlesson” on your cover (right above “command” a little less than halfway down the left 1)

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