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Anomaly Moments

Joe Maddon had this to say about his bullpen after the loss last night:

“By the end of the season, that’s going to be one of the best bullpens in the American League. …I have that much faith in these guys. This is one of those anomaly moments….There’s all this crazy stuff happening. I don’t know where the moon is right now, I don’t know exactly what’s going on, but I have that much faith.”

These anomaly moments began when the team started its most recent road trip and have continued through the first two games of the current homestand. In terms of strikeout rate and batting average on balls in play, the image below via ESPN Stats & Info shows what the bullpen has done compared to the rest of the league since the last road trip started on April 25th.


The bullpen’s 30.3 percent strikeout rate leads all bullpens since April 25th while the .432 BABIP is 51 points higher than any other team. Much like the terrible offensive woes of the first two weeks, this too shall pass.


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    • ericknott74 wrote:

      Usually when a manager is ejected they’ll stay in the clubhouse and still manage the game decisions. I wouldn’t necessarily pin those decisions on Dave Martinez, Maddon was still probably calling the shots from the clubhouse.

      • indaburg wrote:

        Maddon has been quoted as saying that when he is ejected, he drinks wine in his office, watches the game, and lets Martinez make all the decisions. I have no idea if this is true, but I don’t know why he would lie about something so frivolous.

  2. merrillfraz wrote:

    This is mildly encouraging. It does seem like some bad luck, but is it possibly regression from our previous years of bullpen success? Has anyone measured the BABIP of the 2008-12 bullpens?

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