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Appreciating Longoria

By R.J. Anderson //

A few days ago, I was lying in bed trying to doze off when Evan Longoria’s name popped into my head. Get your jokes out of the way here. I was at the point of cognitive disarmament so the name bounced around with a foreign origin until I snapped out of the daze and realized Longoria is one of the best players in baseball and that I don’t write nearly enough about him. In fact, I would be willing to bet that I wrote more about him as a prospect than I have about his (non-contract) performances since.

Such a reality is unfortunate if not unavoidable for me. Without speaking for others, I am willing to acknowledge that sometimes tunnel vision comes into play when looking at potential topics. Everybody loves Evan Longoria. There’s no mystery. No intrigue. Part of writing is solving a puzzle. How to make this player endearing or how to explain why this player deserves applauds. Writing about Longoria is not about invoking that extra spirit or emotion; writing about Longoria is mostly asserting just where he belongs along the baseball titans.

Whenever the topic calls for talking about the historical placement of a 24-year-old amongst a sport with more than 100 years of history … well, awkwardness comes into play. That is Longoria though. Since realizing that night how quickly time has flown, I have considered taking a Longoria journal where I just write down all the spectacular sights. Whether inking his offensive beat boxing, his defensive fantasia, or his baserunning jazz. Longoria is someone you want to write about and capture all his wonder so to pass it on to the next generation and the generation after next to appreciate.

Longoria is probably the best ballplayer to ever play his home games at Tropicana Field. That doesn’t say a lot and says a ton at the same time.

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