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B.J. Upton’s Changed Stance

During last night’s broadcast, the SunSports crew displayed a graphic about B.J. Upton’s hit location during the road trip. Upton is seemingly taking more balls to the opposite field; much to Kevin Kennedy’s joy, no doubt. These hits haven’t been cheapies, either. Here’s a working theory: part of the surge has to do with an adjustment Upton has made in his batting stance.

Look at the image above and focus on how much of Upton’s back leg is visible. It appears that Upton has closed his stance, and potentially closed the gap between his feet. (His hands and bat are also in a slightly different position.) This change could be assisting in keeping his front shoulder tucked in, as opposed to flying open and causing him to pull off. I have not searched for the genesis of the change just yet, as I want to see if the pattern continues first.

(Hat tip to Josh Frank for bringing the changes to my attention.)

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  1. He also has more of a leg kick/stride now instead of just a little twist. Much better. Allows him to catch up quicker, IMO.

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