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Baseball America’s Second Mock Draft

Is out and has the Rays selecting Jose Fernandez, Kolten Wong, and Matt Purke. Fernandez was included in the last mock draft by BA and Purke was covered recently here.

Wong is interesting, as he plays second base for the University of Hawaii. It’s not often you see players from that position or that school talked about highly—since playing the keystone implies one may lack the arm strength or range to play other positions—but Wong has the hit tool. In a recent BA article, one American League scout is quoted as saying:

“He’s probably the best hitter in the draft,” the scout said. “The kid’s a great hitter, with great bat speed, and for his size, he’s got pop. It’s a plus bat, he can use the whole field, and he’s going to have average power. He’s got a chance to be pretty freakin’ good.”

That’s high praise, but if the Rays feel the same way, then popping him with one of their first picks makes sense.

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