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Beckham Promoted

The Rays have promoted Tim Beckham to the major league roster, giving the club another right-handed bat on the bench for the rest of the season. The first overall pick of the 2008 draft hit .276/.342/.387 in Durham this season while playing mostly shortstop for the Bulls and 15 games at second base.

Friend of the site Adam Sobsey tweeted the other day he thought Beckham has been more confident at shortstop this season than he previously was and that he must embrace gap-hitting because the power to go over the fence is not there. Beckham definitely plays with a lot of attitude and show to his game, much like Yunel Escobar. Sobsey went on to say Beckham’s arm is better than his footwork in the field, but his glove can be suspect and his base-running has been unimpressive.

Beckham’s right-handed bat gives the Rays another option against lefties in the late innings, something the club has lacked in recent weeks as Maddon tends to load the lineup with all available right-handed options when opposing a left-handed starter.

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