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Ben Zobrist – Player Card

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing player cards for most of the 40-man roster. It is our hope that these cards become points of reference for you during the 2014 season. All data via ESPN Stats & Info

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Strengths (2009-2013):

  • His .354 wOBA has been better than nearly 90% of all qualified batters
  • His 13% walk rate ranks him in the top five percent of all qualified batters
  • He knows his strike zone as his chase rate (swinging at pitches out of the zone) is in the top 15th percentile. On pitches in the zone, he has one of the lowest swing rates, 56.6%, while the league average has been 63.6%
  • When he does go out of the zone, his .386 wOBA is fifth-best in baseball for all active players. Only Jose Bautista, Troy Tulowitzki, Mike Trout, and Marco Scutaro have been better.
  • Ranks third behind only Dustin Pedroia and Clint Barmes at second base in terms of defensive value
  • For a switch hitter, he is rather split neutral. Over the past three seasons, he has a higher batting average (.285) from the right side, but a higher Isolated Power (.181) from the left side.
  • His strikeout rate has improved each of the past three seasons: 19% in 2011, 15.4% in 2012, 13% in 2013.

Weaknesses (2009-2013):

  • Stolen bases are becoming a lesser part of his game. His total has decreased each of the past four seasons from 24 to 19 to 14 to 11.
  • Shows most of his power on pitches on the inner half.  When hitting from the left side, is slugging percentage against RHP is 86 points higher on pitches on the inner half and 45 points higher when hitting from the right side.
  • His Isolated Power score fell off 75 points from 2012 (.202 to .127)
  • Weighted On Base Average from the right side has declined each of the past three seasons: .386 in 2011, .374 in 2012, .284 in 2013.
  • Has yet to pitch or play catcher in his career

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