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Brandon Allen Is Still Toiling In Triple-A

Jason Parks is one of my favorite writers to read at Baseball Prospectus, and earlier this week he wrote about the best first base prospects in the minor leagues. One of the lines, which I supplied below, caught my eye:

Instead of trying to determine the position’s “best” prospect, let’s do the cute little tier thing [read: thang], ranking the best of the buffet, the best of the “currently playing another position” crop, and the Arizona Diamondbacks’ 2009 draft class, which could produce as many as five first-base prospects.

Parks goes on in depth about the Diamondbacks gluttony of first base prospects. The guy most people who follow the minors know about is Paul Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt is the owner of a great name, and also a .328/.450/.656 line in Double-A. Without doing a detailed analysis on Kevin Towers and figuring out whether he likes to promote hitting prospects in-season or not, I couldn’t guarantee if this scenario would play out, but for the sake of the post, I’m going to pretend it could anyways.

With Goldschmidt playing so well in Double-A, eventually you would think he gets to move up to Triple-A, just to see if the skills can play up, and thus placing him on an arrival path of late this season or early next. The one problem with that plan of succession is that the Diamondbacks currently have a good first baseman in Triple-A by the name of Brandon Allen.

Allen is hitting .298/.426/.550 in Triple-A, yet the Diamondbacks appear content to allow Juan Miranda (.231/.333/.427) and Xavier Nady (.260/.303/.382) take the first base reps instead. When Goldschmidt goes up, you have to think he will get some, if not most of the time at first base. He seems to fit into Arizona’s future plans, and there is no designated hitter in the National League, so at some point or another, they have to find out if his defense is playable. In order to do so, they have to move Allen either to the DH role, to the majors, to Double-A (ostensibly the least likely scenario), or to another team.

This isn’t the first time Allen’s name has come up around these parts, and supposedly the Rays like him (or at least, liked him). No matter your opinion of Casey Kotchman, the Rays upper crest of first base talent is lacking. Adding a player like Allen makes sense. Whether that player becomes Allen is dependent on things above my head, but it’s worth noting that Arizona has enough first base hogs to let the ignored one go.


  1. Cubs Stats wrote:

    I’d love to see the Rays get Brandon Allen. ‘Twould be a catch!

  2. I’ve been a fan ever since watching his MLB debut. Free Brandon Allen!

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