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Brandon Guyer Demoted, Rob Delaney Promoted

Per the SUN Sports Twitter feed, Brandon Guyer has been demoted and Rob Delaney promoted. Peculiar timing, as the Rays will play the first two games in Cleveland without the suspension-serving B.J. Upton.

This all but seals the fate of the rotation, as Andy Sonnanstine seems primed to move into the vacant slot. Presumably, Sonnanstine will start on Tuesday and the Rays will decide against moving everyone up a game, otherwise, it doesn’t make sense for the Rays to bring up Delaney today, as that would give them eight relievers for Sunday (since Sonnanstine could pitch then recover in time for next weekend).

Moving Sonnanstine to the rotation is the least sexy of the moves possible, but at least it allows for the opportunity to get intimate with Delaney. Acquired over the offseason off waivers—the Twins needed a 40-man spot for Dusty Hughes—Delaney is a thick righty who throws from the three-quarters arm slot with a high-80s-to-low-90s fastball and slider that serves as his knockout pitch. Given the arsenal and arm slot, it’s not unreasonable to think Delaney is probably going to see a fair share more of righties than lefties. That’s okay, even if he turns into a ROOGY only, that still presents value.

Now, the question might be which of Delaney and Brandon Gomes takes the super low leverage spot, or if they goes to Adam Russell by default.

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  1. upnm42 wrote:

    Delaney has been brought up to give the Rays some options if Sonnanstine can only last 5 IP or less.I suspect the Tuesday game will see 3-4 pitchers.I agree that Gomes -Delaney- Russell-are somewhat on a level playing field for continued IP.Probably will depend on who does the best job. The next weeks moves will be determined as the unknown unfolds-Gomes -Russell-Delaney are all part of that mix-It’s a fluid situation.Could be Cobb or Torres comes up if 2 out of the 3 see action today.Look for Delaney to be up first due to Gomes and Russell’s load over the last 2 games.IMHO

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