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Checking in on Steve Geltz

A disappointing season is almost over, but there are some rookies worth writing about.

Steve Geltz, a right-handed reliever acquired for Dane De La Rosa in spring 2013, made 70 appearances for Durham before he debuted with the Rays. He’s since shown some good and bad.

What stands out about Geltz—beyond his lacking height—is his reliance upon pitching up in the zone. Sometimes this appears to be by design (as a way to leverage his rising fastball), other times not so much. There are a few factors working against Geltz locating the ball, including a head jerk and how he pitches across his body, and odds are he’ll always have well-below-average command. Sloppy geography isn’t just the flaw with an otherwise above-average fastball, which has shown it can hop bats when located outside the nitro zones, but also with his secondary offerings—his changeup has been unusable thus far as a result, putting more pressure on his breaking ball to become his go-to secondary offering.

In a perfect world, Geltz would become a lite version of Tyler Clippard—the rubber-armed Nationals reliever equipped with his own high fastball. In this world, Geltz is more likely to toe the line between functional middle reliever and up-and-down arm.

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