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Chris Archer – Pitcher Card

Throughout the rest of the offseason, we will be publishing player cards for most of the 40-man roster. It is our hope that these cards become points of reference for you during the 2014 season. All data via ESPN Stats & Info

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All factoids based on a minimum of 2400 pitches thrown by starting pitchers over the past two seasons and at least 1000 pitches thrown against RH or LH batters.

Strengths (2012-2013):

  • Has limited batters to a .223/.290/.357 slash line; each result is in the top 15th percentile
  • His 21.4% strikeout rate is in the top 25th percentile
  • His .259 BABIP is the 5th-lowest. Only Jose Fernandez, Guillermo Moscoso, A.J. Griffin, and Jered Weaver have lower BABIPs over the past two seasons
  • Has dominated righties, holding them to a .172/.227/.221 slash line. That .449 OPS is 45 points lower than any other pitcher.
  • Has allowed fewer home runs vs RH batters than any other starting pitcher

Weaknesses (2012-2013):

  • His splits are rather large. He has limited RH batters to a .208 wOBA but lefties have a .344 wOBA against him in 354 plate appearances
  • 14 of the 17 home runs he has allowed have been hit by LH batters
  • While his strikeout rate remains the same against RH & LH batters (21%), his walk rate is higher vs LH batters (8.8%) than it is vs RH batters (5.7%)
  • While his slider is an effective weapon, he has allowed 9 of his 17 home runs off sliders in 796 sliders. Conversely, he has permitted five home runs in nearly 1500 fastballs.
  • His changeup lags behind his other offerings. He throws it almost exclusively to LH batters and they have a .310/.341/.619 slash line against the pitch.

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