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Chris Archer Stumbles Against Indians

Chris Archer’s first start in the majors this season didn’t go as planned.

If the Marlins were the perfect opponent for Alex Colome then the Indians were one of the worst possible draws for Archer. Terry Francona can—and did—load his lineup with seven left-handed hitters, including a few switch-hitters, which meant Archer needed good fastball control and a quality changeup to produce a quality start. Instead Archer exited during the fifth inning after allowing five runs.

Archer didn’t have his best fastball control. About 50 percent of his heaters went for strikes, and that includes a number of chases outside of the zone. He missed a lot high and to the glove side, as Tommy Rancel suggested he might, thereby putting himself in difficult counts. Unsurprisingly five of the seven hits Archer allowed came in hitter’s counts, with another coming on a 2-2 count.

It’s worth noting that Archer’s biggest mistakes come with his changeups, as he allowed two home runs on elevated changes. Throughout the game Archer did toss a number of changes with quality action and location, but it seemed the Indians did a decent job of identifying and tracking the pitch.

If Archer hangs around he’ll start again next at home against the Orioles.

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