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Chris Archer’s Process Versus The Yankees

On Wednesday, Chris Archer spoke with Mike Ferrin and Kevin Kennedy of MLB Radio Network about his changeup. During the interview, the right-hander said he is specific with the usage of the pitch as he continues to try an master it at the major-league level. “Sometimes it is a swing and miss pitch. Sometimes I throw it once a game because I’m not comfortable with it.” Friday night was one of those games.

I am not sure if it is necessarily a comfort issue in this case, but whatever it may be, Archer has consistently shelved the changeup against the Yankees. This season he has made three starts against New York, faced 81 batters, and thrown 298 pitches. Of the 298 pitches thrown, five of them have been changeups according to ESPN Stats & Info. Against the rest of the league, he has thrown the pitch around 10 percent of the time.

Perhaps the simplest reason as to why Archer has scrapped the off-speed against his American League East rival is a lack of need to use anything other than his fastball and slider. In 22 innings of work versus New York, he has allowed three runs on 12 hits. He has issued just three walks while striking out 14. The Bronx Bombers have yet to take him out of the yard.

Continuing a recent trend, Archer led with his four-seam fastball on Friday while using the two-seamer in an auxiliary role.The straighter fastball has given him increased command and the ability to throw heaters inside to left-handed batters while moving away from right-handers. On Friday, he moved the fastball horizontally, but lived in the upper reaches of the zone vertically.

With the heater working high, Archer buried the slider low and to his glove-side. He generated 13 outs off the slider with eight of them on the ground. He also finished off three strikeouts with the balle glissante (H/T Jonah Keri).


Archer’s changeup continues to be a work in progress. However, against the Yankees there has been little need for experimentation.

Data and visuals courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info.


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