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Chris Gimenez Shows Off

Earlier this week Adam Sobsey, always good for a quality read, published the first in a series of interview sessions with Chris Gimenez. Within, Sobsey talked with Gimenez and J.D. Martin about various pitching-related topics. Gimenez puts his observant nature on display, making it clear why the pitching staff reportedly likes working with him. Here are a few highlights:

Gimenez: I know where a hitter is standing every single time. That’s one thing I look for before I even give a sign. I’m always looking at the hitter’s back foot. I know when guys are making an adjustment within that at-bat. If the guy [starts off] standing in the very back of the batter’s box, and then next thing you know he’s standing right here [at the front], he’s looking for something soft. He’s trying to cut it off before it breaks.


Gimenez: Yeah. With Monty [Bulls starter Mike Montgomery], he’s trying to develop a cutter, and I have to call that pitch and make him throw it. With J. D., I don’t have to worry about that, because he knows what he is; but Monty’s still at that stage where he’s developing pitches. I have to pick and choose times to make him throw the cutter because he’s not confident with it yet, and he’s got to get confident. The last three or four starts, he’s thrown probably twenty cutters and they’ve been successful for him.


Gimenez: If you get in the box and nobody’s shaking, you get into these patterns. Suppose you mix in a shake. The hitter thinks: “Maybe he’s not throwing that cutter.” “Maybe he’s not throwing the fastball.” “Maybe he’s throwing something else.” Then, boom, you throw it.

The entire exchange is worth reading, if not for the inside-baseball talk then for Gimenez and Martin’s honesty and camaraderie, which borders on adorable at times.

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