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Cory Wade Released

Cory Wade was released over the weekend, ending his Rays career, at least for now. Wade signed a minor league deal during the offseason and seemed to have a legitimate shot to make the opening day bullpen, but alas, did not. He went to Durham and pitched well, perhaps too well, as he posted a 5.67 strikeout-to-walk ratio in 36 2/3 innings pitched and got the idea he should exercise his opt-out clause. With Wade’s departure imminent, the Rays went and released him, giving the veteran righty an additional few days to find a major league gig.

This is the cost of doing business with veteran players on minor league deals. The Rays had a few months to evaluate Wade and their alternatives and decided they could live without. It’s a safe bet, as Wade profiles as a middle reliever and not much else (he has good secondary stuff, but throwing in the high-80s from the right side isn’t an unusual trait). What made Wade worthwhile was his major league success and cheapness. He was there if they needed him, and they never needed him.

Adam Sosbey has more details, and suggests three more Bulls have opt-out clauses. My guess, and it is just a guess, is that R.J. Swindle has one, and possibly two of the other veteran types. If they can find major league gigs, then by all means, wish them well. Playing in the minors for an entire career isn’t desirable, and it is understandable that these guys want to get back to the show, regardless of the garb.

So go get ‘em, Wade. Just preferably in the National League.

Oh, and Sosbey mentions that Russ Canzler is now playing some corner outfield as well.

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