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Crawford: Rays Top 14 Prospects

Chris Crawford of and released his list of the top 14 prospects in the Rays’ system. Taylor Guerrieri, despite his injuried right arm, tops the list while sleeper bullpen candidate, C.J. Riefenhauser, brings up the trailer.

The list is free, but while you’re there you should consider checking out his 2014 Draftbook which profiles 150 potential draftees for just $1.99 as well.


  1. buddaley wrote:

    I posted this question on the linked thread but am interested if anyone here has a response to it:

    “he does a good job of keeping all four of his pitches below the knees with enough movement to induce ground balls.”

    This statement is in the description of Odorizzi. I thought he was a
    fly ball pitcher, in fact an extreme fly ball pitcher. His limited
    appearances in the majors indicate that is the case, but every story I
    have read about his minor league performance emphasize that point as

    Is this statement intended to suggest it is a possible he may develop
    into more of a ground ball pitcher or that the reports are mistaken?

    • Jason Collette wrote:

      I’m not sure if that will ever happen. By his own admission, he doesn’t even throw a 2-seam fastball.

      “I throw mainly four-seamers, When I throw a two-seam fastball, it just kind of goes straight. I don’t really know how to make it sink without forcing it, and that’s unnatural. I can hurt myself trying to do that. I’ve always thrown it straight; it just doesn’t have that two-seam motion to it. There are guys up here that are pretty darn good at it, like Alex Cobb, Chris Archer and David Price. They all have great two-seams and I might talk with them and learn how to do it, but until then I don’t think it’s going to be a staple in my arsenal.

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