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Daily Process: David Price Goes Eight Again

David Price went eight innings against the White Sox and managed to do the same against the Blue Jays. Although a spotty ninth inning and a lengthy eighth inning will be the freshest outtakes on everyone’s mind, Price had an easy day of work. Jose Bautista is the only Jay who recorded multiple hits (he has now reached base in all 10 of his plate appearances this series), with Mike McCoy being the only other Jay to reach base multiple time against Price.

The whiffs weren’t really there—only five on 102 pitches—but he kept the Jays off the basepaths and off the scoreboard while striking out five. Maybe the most notable aspect of Price’s outing was his willingness to toss a newly-developed cutter. Tommy will have more on this in the coming days, but cut-fastballs can be absolutely devastating to opposite-handed batters.

The Rays got two homers on the day of their own, as Johnny Damon launched his fourth in Tampa Bay garb and Ben Zobrist hit a three-run shot (also his fourth of the season) later on. Zobrist continues to be an enigma, as he alternates between driving the ball and hitting groundouts. One thing that hasn’t alternated is his fine defensive ability—something Corey Patterson can attest to.

Kyle Farnsworth entered with two on, nobody out, and the tying run at the plate. After a line drive single into left, Farnsworth got three consecutive infield outs with a caveat: Travis Snider probably beat out a bunt attempt, but the umpire called him out. Snider’s attempt is also notable because Farnsworth seemed to land his leg in a wrong way, but he remained in the game and finished off the Jays.

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