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Daily Process: James Shields With Another Complete Game

James Shields completed his third complete game of the season in his tenth start today against the Marlins. It was the second of the shutout variety for him.

The Marlins lineup is often underrated on a league-wide basis. Young sluggers like Logan Morrison and Michael Stanton flanker Hanley Ramirez, and complementary players like Gaby Sanchez, Chris Coghlan, and Omar Infante can help with the run creating process too. Shields was having none of that, though, and fanned 13 Marlins while allowing one walk and three hits on 126 pitches.

That’s a heavy workload, but Shields was rarely stressed and actually had his longest inning in the ninth (21 pitches). As is often the case, Shields did his damage with the changeup (12 whiffs) and curveball (seven whiffs), while peppering the zone with his fastballs. This start was essential James Shields. Everything you can ask for from him and maybe a little more, as he also got to bat and helped the Rays score a run—with a big assist to Greg Dobbs’ defense.

Meanwhile, the Rays did beat up on Jay Buente during the top half of innings, who was filling for the injured Josh Johnson. Evan Longoria and Matt Joyce hit back-to-back doubles before Casey Kotchman hit a triple—yes, a triple—of his own. Kotchman hit the ball authoritatively today. A pleasant sight, if a rare one. Buente walked three, fanned one, and allowed five against 18 batters. All and all, his line closed after three innings.