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Daily Process: Rays, Davis Beat Astros

After Wade Davis’ last start, against the Marlins, I wrote that he had a very Niemann-esque start—a start where the results look good, but the journey itself is a bit underwhelming. I believe that tag applies again tonight, as Davis lasted seven innings, struck out three, walked one, and allowed an earned run on five hits.

The Astros are not a good team, and offensively they only have two, maybe three guys you worry about—Hunter Pence, Jeff Keppinger, and Michael Bourn—so Davis should pitch well against them, but it feels like Houston left a run or two on the field. Bourn hit a double in the first inning, and Keppinger followed it up with a ball back up the middle. Davis fielded the ball and spun towards second, where Bourn was frozen. After Davis advanced towards and tagged Bourn, he wheeled and fired the ball across the diamond, so as to set up a tag of Keppinger—who had since tried advancing to second on his own.

Anytime the opponent commits two critical errors during a single patch of run of play, you have to count your blessings. A batter later, Davis found himself again benefitting from good fortune, as a 2-2 count on Pence saw the outfielder poke a slurvey slider into left field. Johnny Damon (of all people) made the catch though. Later on, Davis would escape a bases loaded jam.

B.J. Upton hit his second home run in as many days. The old saying is that home runs come in bunches, and I don’t know about that, but Upton’s 2011 home runs sure have:






Evan Longoria hit two doubles, giving him three extra-base hits since the series began. He has went gloveless at the plate over the same span. Moises Alou is nodding knowingly somewhere.

A few other players did some thing I want to cover in additional posts, but kudos to Joe Maddon for bringing in Kyle Farnsworth earlier rather than later.

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