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Dan Johnson is Scott Hatteberg

Entering the 2002 season, the Athletics were in a bind. After two straight seasons of finishing in the top ten of MVP voting and three straight seasons with an on-base percentage over .420, Jason Giambi chose to sign with the New York Yankees as a free agent. To replace Giambi, the Athletics would employ Scott Hatteberg. Thirty-two with a career line of .267/.357/.414 and 34 home runs in 1,508 plate appearances, Hatteberg’s previous career high for plate appearances, Hatteberg would hit 15 homers with a .280/.374/.433 line for the A’s in 2002.

Dan Johnson turns 32 next August. In 1,429 plate appearances, Johnson has 51 home runs with a .243/.343/.419 line. Here’s more of the brief comparison:

Name	        HR%	SO%	BB%	XBH%	P/PA
Hatteberg	2.3	13.9	11.6	8.1	4.08
Johnson	3.6	14.6	13.3	7.7	4.15

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