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David DeJesus’ Jumps

Sometimes you need to see a player up-close to understand their weaknesses. We knew David DeJesus had a putrid career stolen-base rate, yet we didn’t necessarily know why; after all, he’s fine athletically, and shows enough headiness in other facets to assume he understands the game’s finer points. But last night DeJesus provided a hint as to why he struggles with the stolen base.

The image below (screencapped by Jason Collette) shows DeJesus’ jump against Clay Buchholz. This is, perhaps needless to say, a bad jump. DeJesus took off at about the same moment Buchholz’s front foot struck dirt. Although the pitch was a breaking ball, catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia managed and nailed DeJesus by a fair margin.


Of course there is the possibility that DeJesus or the batter (Ben Zobrist) missed a sign. Still, it’s a good example of why a player who otherwise seems like a capable basestealer might not be.

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