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David Price Continues to Paralyze Hitters

David Price will take the mound tonight, kicking off the second half of the schedule. As uncharacteristic as Price’s season has been to date, some things have remained the same—like Price’s two-strike approach.

In Price’s mid-season review, Tommy noted the left-hander was “extremely efficient upon his return,” and that he “[spotted] fastballs glove-side” while “working his cutter arm-side.” These are the tried and true methods with which Price has used in the past; the same strategy he used last year, prompting a piece explaining the why and the how.

While deferring to the original piece for further detail, here’s a quick, visual look at the location of Price’s two-strike fastballs split by pitch type. Because Price has only thrown three two-strike pitches to left-handers these graphics are for right-handed batters only. Cutters on the left, other fastballs on the right:


 As simple as it looks, Price freezes batters thanks to a combination of velocity, location, and sequencing. He may not have the deepest arsenal on staff, or the fanciest combinations of pitches. He does, however, have a masterful way to end at-bats.

Visuals courtesy of ESPN Stats & Info

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