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David Price – Pitcher Card

Over the next few weeks, we will be publishing player cards for most of the 40-man roster. It is our hope that these cards become points of reference for you during the 2014 season. All data via ESPN Stats & Info

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Strengths (2009-2013):

  • His .287 opponents’ wOBA is better than 91% of starting pitchers
  • His 65.1% of strikes thrown is in the top 20th percentile
  • His called strike rate is better than 90% of starting pitchers
  • His 22.1% strikeout rate is in the top 15% of starting pitchers
  • His .242 wOBA versus LH batters trails only Chris Sale in the American League.
  • His pitches per plate appearance has improved each of the past three seasons: .402 to 3.99 to 3.65
  • His wOBA when pitching in bases empty situations compared to men on base is just seven points apart (.284 to .291)

Weaknesses (2009-2013):

  • Has a 58 point split in his wOBA – .300 vs RH, .242 vs LH
  • Strikeout rate vs RH has declined each of the past three seasons: from 24.7% to 24.6% to 19.5%
  • In 2013, his opponents’ wOBA in pitcher counts was in the bottom 25% of the league. From 2009-2012, he was in the top 10% of the league.
  • His Miss% in pitcher counts in 2013 (17.8%) was one of the lowest in the league. Only Jeremy Guthrie, Bartolo Colon, and Kyle Kendrick had lower rates.
  • 2.78 ERA at Tropicana Field, 3.63 ERA on the road

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