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David Price Switches Sides

When David Price takes the mound tonight he may do it from a position we are unaccustomed to seeing. Aside from toeing the rubber in a ballpark other than Tropicana Field, his alignment on said rubber may be altered.

In late 2012, we explored the differences between Price and fellow left-hander Matt Moore. At that time, Moore pitched from the third-base side of the rubber while Price worked on the side of first base. Since then, Price has stayed on his arm-side for the most part, but recently has switched to the glove-side.


The image on the left is from last week’s start. The right is from early April.

Brooksbaseball.net charts the horizonal release point of pitchers. You can see Price’s shift using their data as well.


Why Price has shifted is unknown. Perhaps it is related to the arm-side home runs he has allowed (eight of 12 home runs have been middle-to-arm-side). Or maybe it is an effort to get even further outside against left-handed batters who have reversed his splits (.284/.304/.489 vs. LHB) this season. Whatever the reason, let’s hope Price is on the right side of the results tonight.

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