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Delmon Young’s New Look

Yesterday, Delmon Young made his first appearance with the Rays since rejoining the organization. Young flied out to right field after a six-pitch at-bat, but not before he showed off new mechanics.

That Young tweaked something is not a surprising development. He confessed upon signing with the Rays that his previous mechanics were “jacked up pretty good,” and detailed how his downtime was spent ironing out the wrinkles. Even if Young stayed mum, the odds were he would change something. But that’s because he always changes something.

Young’s new look resembles his older mechanics and differs from those he used with the Phillies. His hands are in a lower slot, and move more prior to his load. He still bounces in place, but he no longer digs his front toes into the dirt. When Young strode earlier in the season he landed with his front toe pointing almost toward the mound. Now his toe points at first base. As trivial as that sounds, practice striding at both angles and take note of how each impact the front hip.


Despite those changes, Young’s mechanics remain easy to question. He might use the pre-swing movement to activate his hands, but the noise could lead to consistency issues. Given how many changes he made in a small window, it’s fair to wonder about his comfort and commitment levels. With any luck, Young will enjoy some early success that puts the mechanical tinkering to an end. Unfortunately, knowing Young’s history, this seems unlikely.

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