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Desmond Jennings – Player Card

Throughout the rest of the offseason, we will be publishing player cards for most of the 25-man roster. It is our hope that these cards become points of reference for you during the 2014 season. All data via ESPN Stats & Info

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Comparing Jennings to all batters with at least 1400 PA

Strengths (2010-2013):

  • His 22.2% Chase% puts him in the top 10% of the best rates
  • He doesn’t swing at many pitches overall; his 41.5% Swing% is lower than 86% of his peers
  • Has a .372 wOBA off fastballs, which puts him in the top 25% of the league
  • Has an 80.2% success rate in his stolen bases; which ranks 22nd for all players with at least 75 stolen base attempts over the past four seasons
  • His .352 wOBA vs LHP is better than 79% of qualified batters

Weaknesses (2010-2013):

  • His wOBA vs RH (.311) is 43 points lower than what he has done vs LH (.352)
  • Fastballs from RH give him difficulty; has a .349 BABIP on fastballs from LHP vs a .278 BABIP on fastballs from RHP.
  • Better velocity gives him issues; his 35.1% strikeout rate on pitches >= 95 MPH is in the bottom ten percent of the league while his 25.6% In-Play rate is in the bottom five percent of the league.
  • Fastballs in the upper half of the strikezone are particularly problematic for him. He has seen 1168 from RH pitchers and has hit just a .211 BABIP on those pitches. Conversely, he’s seen 545 from LHP and has a .337 BABIP on those fastballs. Fastballs up and in the outer half of the strikezone from RH are his most troublesome spot.
  • His 20.2% strikeout rate is in the bottom 40th percentile.

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