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Desmond Jennings’ Role in 2011

FreeZorilla with a good look at the positives that come with starting Desmond Jennings in Triple-A. It comes down to service time and maximizing the control span. Jennings gained somewhere between three-to-four weeks of service time last season, meaning he needed to miss at least that to avoid going over a year of time this season. By keeping Jennings down through, say, June, the team can add another year of control and potentially avoid Super Two status heading forward.

Meanwhile, Jason Hanselman posted an updated WAR projection over the weekend. He’s got the team around 92 wins, which certainly seems within the realm of possibilities. The important thing about projections is remembering that the number itself is not as meaningful as the immediate range. The Rays are probably winning 89-to-95 games next season depending on how things break. That may or may not be good enough to get into the tournament, but it certainly gives the team a legit shot.

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