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Desmond Jennings, Tim Beckham, and Hak-Ju Lee Continue to Hit

– If only the Rays knew for sure that Super Two would hit the bricks in the next CBA, then Desmond Jennings would be the Rays left fielder in a matter of days. Jennings is hitting .297/.404/.478 in Durham—a .187 ISO thanks to a recent home run binge, with two over the last three games and three over his last eight.

– From last year to this year, Tim Beckham has held his walk rate steady (around 11.2 percent) while dropping his strikeout rate (from 25.6 percent to 23.3 percent) and essentially maintaining his ISO (.105 instead of .103). As a result, he is hitting .301/.382/.406 in Double-A, despite being young for the league and still developing as a shortstop—as noted in more detail by Chris St. John a few days ago.

– After 120 plate appearances in High-A, Hak-Ju Lee is batting .385/.453/.558. He has two home runs this season—notable because he had three home runs in his first 855 professional plate appearances. Power has always been an afterthought with the gangly Lee, because he profiles as a plus runner and has the range and arm to become a plus defender at shortstop. That’s a fine package within itself. However, if the slugging development is legitimate—and I would caution against buying in too much at this point unless his body has filled out—then he becomes the Rays best positional prospect and visions of star status should begin popping up around his name.

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