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Durham Bulls Will Have “Big Move” Today

This might end up being a disappointment, but from the Durham Bulls Twitter account:

We’re going to have a big move today. Any guesses?

My initial thought was J.P. Howell, but he actually made his last appearance with Port Charlotte, so he isn’t even a Bull. Kevin Gengler floated a Matt Moore promotion, since he is in the process of eviscerating Double-A hitters. The most common (perhaps most hopeful?) retort is a Desmond Jennings promotion. If the Rays think Super Two status is going bye-bye, then they were just waiting for enough time to pass to ensure he would have an extra year with the club. That date should have passed sometime in the past two weeks, so the timing is right.

If Jennings does come up, he should become the fulltime left fielder. Sam Fuld would move into a fourth outfielder role (one he should fill well) and someone would move off the roster (Dan Johnson, if playing time is an indicator) or onto the disabled list. It might not be an ideal situation, since it doesn’t maximize Jennings time in center, but the Rays would certainly improve their roster in the short- and long-term by adding Jennings—who just recently drew a Andrew McCutchen comparison from Ben Badler of Baseball America.

So, hold your breath. It might be nothing, or at least nothing that affects the big league club.

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